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David Dellman

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Writing Services

I partner with you to develop your idea. From rough notes to a finished manuscript ready for publication, I will walk you through the process, making sure that the finished product is the best it can be.

Rates: $100/1,000 words

Structural Editing

I will work with you to improve the flow and design of your work for maximum impact and reader engagement.

Rates: $15/1,000 words


Editorial Assessments

I will offer constructive feedback on your raw notes or your idea for a book, article, or manuscript. If yours is a work of fiction, I will guide structure and character development. If non-fiction, I suggest elements for inclusion or exclusion so that your message is clear and well developed.

Rates: $15/1,000 words


Developmental Editing

Sometimes referred to as content editing and sometimes substantive editing, I will work with your manuscript until it “works.”

If yours is a work of fiction, I will make sure the elements fit together. I will examine the plot for consistency and the characters for believability. If you are working on a non-fiction composition, I will make sure the manuscript is organized for maximum impact. I will check your research, and make sure the contribution you are trying to make is presented most effectively.

As your Developmental Editor, I will provide you with an editorial report and an annotated manuscript.

Rates: $15/1,000 words

About Me

Accomplishments and Awards

Associated Press Award for Excellence in Scholastic Journalism

Editor-in-Chief – Montage, collegiate newspaper

Daughters of American Revolution Award for Excellence in Historical Writing

The Mentor’s Gift – 2006

The Christmas Garden – 2017


Master of Science

Towson University Towson, Maryland

Bachelor of Science

Towson University Towson, Maryland