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The Writers Group

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The Writers Group

My first experience with a writer’s group was in graduate school.

I took an advanced class in short story writing.

The class meetings were organized in writers group format.

We sat in the round.

Each student delivered material before the class.

Then in class, we evaluated each other’s work.

I loved the feedback and evaluating each other created a sense of intimacy I never before experienced in an academic setting.

Later I formed my group.

The group met at my home twice monthly.

I had some skilled editors in the group.

Even so, a writer’s group is no substitute for a professional edit.

During the pandemic, virtual meetings are advised, which might save money on the food and drink I would provide for the meeting, but I certainly miss the face-to-face interaction of the in-home session.

In every group I have participated in, work was submitted to group members in advance of the meeting. At the meeting, we went around the room, sharing thoughts, opinions, and ideas about the work in question.

Group size is optimal at 5 to 10.

Any larger, and it can get unmanageable.

Submission should be in the 500 to 2,000-word range. The shorter, the better.

You could always join an existing group, but for me, the best way to form a group is to ask friends and colleagues.

This way, you already have an established relationship to build on.

Writers groups offer a great way to obtain feedback on your work and cultivate a lasting relationship.

Happy writing everyone,